Illustration of a man standing at a desk working on a laptop

Sample engineer job description

At [Company X], we believe innovation starts with the consumer. This approach has propelled our success in developing real-world solutions that impact people’s daily lives. We are seeking an experienced engineer to help drive our solutions-based business model and take our designs to the next level. The engineer will be part of our development team, managing projects from concept to completion. From Day 1, our engineers can step away from the desk and work hands-on with several business divisions to design, develop, and test industry-leading solutions for our clients — both national and international. The ideal candidate is a creative thinker who shares our passion for making people’s lives easier.

Objectives of this role

  • Develop deep understanding of company, products, customers, goals, and business strategy; evaluate systems and processes; and identify areas for improvement
  • Conceptualize and develop solutions based on project requirements and company standards by using simulations/modeling to support expansions and changes
  • Develop and implement processes that improve production and deliver quality outputs by securing and managing service providers, inspectors, and other technical resources
  • Meet [Company X]’s quality standards by maintaining knowledge of relevant technologies and best practices and by adhering to national and local regulations
  • Develop, train, and educate junior engineers, guide technical direction, and serve as a liaison with customers


  • Manage the execution and timely completion of projects by analyzing scope and determining specifications, establishing test methods for product investigations, analyzing test programs for adequacy and sequence, examining samples for compliance with requirements, and preparing reports
  • Formulate plans with detailed calculations, drawings, diagrams, project specifications, and budget estimates, and interpret precast reinforcement shop drawings, civil grading plans, and structural drawings
  • Maintain system functionality through rigorous testing, identify ways to improve efficiency and productivity, and generate maintenance and support activities for all existing solutions
  • Monitor industry trends and implement appropriate methods for keeping production on the cutting edge, while meeting financial goals and generating cost savings
  • Utilize software programs for preparing technical specifications, user documentation, presentations, and results tracking
  • Build professional skills through continued training, education, and networking events

Required skills and qualifications

  • Seven or more years of experience as an engineer
  • Strong electronic testing and database design capabilities
  • Strong understanding of electronic manufacturing processes
  • Strong focus on quality control
  • Proven innovative approach to electronic systems development

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in engineering from an ABET-accredited program
  • Professional engineer (PE) certification
  • Experience in software development and platform implementation
  • Proven ability to analyze and troubleshoot production processes
  • Strong project/team management skills