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Sample mechanic job description

[CompanyX] has been a trusted partner for drivers for nearly 50 years. We’re searching for an experienced mechanic who can diagnose and repair simple and complex automotive issues, as well as performing routine maintenance for our valued clients’ vehicles. The ideal candidate is skilled at using advanced computer diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot issues, and knows how to pursue cost-effective solutions for each customer. From day one, our mechanic will get their hands dirty, working with a steady flow of vehicles requiring necessary maintenance and repair work.There is also plenty of opportunity for continued education and training, as we continue our mission to become a nationally recognized business.

Objectives of this role

  • Engage with customers to understand their concerns and effectively diagnose problems, using the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Follow checklists and protocols while conducting repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Perform repairs aiming for maximum reliability and cost savings for our customers
  • Maintain a preventative maintenance program for all shop equipment
  • Ensure a safe, organized, and clean workspace

Daily and monthly responsibilities

  • Inspect and test vehicles and complete preventive maintenance including oil changes, engine tune-ups, tire rotations and changes, wheel balancing, and filter replacement
  • Carefully listen to operator complaints, conduct inspections, diagnose issues, repair mechanical and electrical system malfunctions, replace parts and components, and repair body damage
  • Create itemized work estimates and documentation
  • Verify work via test drives and adjustingments of controls and systems
  • Keep shop equipment functional by adhering to operating instructions
  • Manage inventory of stock, place re-orders, and verify receipt

Skills and qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proven mechanical expertise and basic math skills
  • Proven experience with mechanic’s tools, service, and diagnostic equipment
  • Patient communicator with excellent customer service skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Associate’s degree or vocational/trade school certification
  • ASE certification