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You might hire a cybersecurity specialist to:

  • Guard all company data, particularly sensitive data, by designing broad defenses against would-be intruders
  • Take the lead on day-to-day monitoring for unusual activities, implement defensive protocols, and report incidents

  • Work with the cybersecurity team to develop both proactive and defensive systems that stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

  • Maintain security guidelines, procedures, standards, and internal control documentation

  • Maintain a working knowledge of current cybercrime tactics
Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Three to five years of experience in cybersecurity at a midsize or large company in our industry
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Deep knowledge of IT, including hardware, software, and networks
Strong critical thinking, problem-solving, logic, and forensics skills
Meticulous eye for detail and an ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
Ability to work successfully in both individual and team settings
  Ability to think like a hacker in order to stay one step ahead