Illustration of a man standing at a desk working on a laptop

You might hire a software engineer to:

  • Enhance existing platform and network capabilities to handle massive growth, enabling new insights and products based on internal and external data via self-serve computing, reporting solutions, and interactive querying
  • Visualize, design, and develop innovative software platforms as you continue to experience growth in the usage and visibility of your products

  • Create scalable software platforms and applications, as well as efficient networking solutions, that are unit tested, code reviewed, and checked regularly for continuous integration
  • Examine existing systems for flaws and create solutions that improve service uptime and time-to-resolve through monitoring and automated remediation
  • Plan and execute full software development lifecycles for each assigned project, adhering to company standards and expectations
Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Five or more years of experience engineering software and networking platforms, and seven or more years of experience (professional and academic) with Java, Python, and C++
Working knowledge of relational databases as well as ORM and SQL technologies
Proven ability to document design processes, including development, tests, analytics, and troubleshooting Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, and content management systems
Experience with rapid development cycles in a web-based environment Web application development experience with multiple frameworks, including Wicket, GWT, and Spring MVC
Strong scripting and test automation abilities  
Desire to continue professional growth through training and education