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You might hire a product manager to:

  • Drive the product and business-planning process across cross-functional teams of the company

  • Analyze consumer needs, current market trends, and potential partnerships from an ROI and build vs. buy perspective

  • Assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation

  • Analyze product requirements and develop appropriate programs to ensure they’re successfully achieved

  • Develop, implement, and maintain production timelines across multiple departments

  • Appraise new product ideas and strategize appropriate to-market plans
Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Strong experience in a dynamic product management role
Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in product design or engineering
Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
Previous software and web development experience
Highly effective cross-functional team management
Proven experience working as a product developer in a non-managerial role
Previous experience delivering finely tuned product marketing strategies
Demonstrable knowledge in SEM and online advertising
Exceptional writing and editing skills combined with strong presentation and public speaking skills