Illustration of a doctor in an exam room working on a computer

You might hire a marine biologist to:

  • Write research papers for presentation to academic and lay audiences
  • Collect specimen samples by performing fieldwork

  • Compile data and communicate it to others in the organization
  • Provide remedial care to sick and injured sea creatures
Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Physical and mental stamina to endure long periods without human contact
Comprehensive knowledge of all types of marine life
Excellent collaboration skills to productively communicate and work with colleagues
Ability to navigate terrain while carrying heavy equipment
Sound reasoning and judgment for drawing sensible conclusions from observations and research
Capable of safe scuba-diving techniques
Adept problem-solving approaches tailored to overcoming unique challenges 
Experience administering safe and effective first aid
Keen observation skills to recognize shifts in organism and ecosystem behaviors
Proficiency with operating watercraft like boats and jet skis