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Sample marine biologist job description

At [Company X], we are dedicated to studying our oceans to understand and advocate our planet’s wondrous aquatic life. We are searching for a marine biologist to help deepen our understanding of the world’s extraordinary marine flora and fauna. The marine biologist will teach others about aquatic life based on their research, experiments, and fieldwork, and will also care for sick and injured sea creatures. In doing so, the marine biologist will play a critical role in enabling [Company X] to improve marine-life ecosystems, actively deepening our connection to the ocean and its creatures.

Objectives of this role

  • Increase understanding of the marine world

  • Improve marine-life ecosystems and environments

  • Develop new ways to help aquatic species live more safely in the ocean

  • Identify new marine-life specimens and organisms

  • Gather and report information on the state of marine life

  • Track ranges, movements, and distributions of various marine populations


  • Collect specimen samples by performing fieldwork

  • Provide remedial care to sick and injured sea creatures

  • Perform experiments on specimens to test hypotheses and record new findings

  • Write research papers for presentation to academic and lay audiences

  • Instruct others about aquatic life based on knowledge and research

  • Compile data to be used by other scientists in the field

Skills and qualifications

  • Physical stamina for enduring long periods without human contact

  • Keen observation skills to recognize shifts in organism and ecosystem behaviors

  • Strong verbal communication skills to discuss research with lay audiences

  • Sound reasoning and judgment for drawing sensible conclusions from observations and research

  • Excellent collaboration skills to productively communicate and work with colleagues

  • Adept problem-solving approaches tailored to overcoming unique challenges 

Preferred qualifications

  • Patience for weathering long hours without tangible results

  • Proficiency with operating watercraft like boats and jet skis

  • Knowledge of safe scuba-diving techniques

  • Experience administering effective first aid 

  • Ability to navigate terrain while carrying heavy equipment

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all walks of marine life