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Sample operating room nurse job description

[OrganizationX] is looking for an operating room nurse to join our surgical team and assist surgeons during operations and other medical procedures. The successful candidate will oversee the safe, effective, and efficient care of patients in the operating room by sterilizing equipment, preparing rooms, and assessing patients before and after surgery. They will also assist the surgeon during the procedure. The operating room nurse should be a strong communicator with a friendly personality, and have the ability and physical stamina to provide a high level of care under pressure.

Objectives of this role

  • Provide patients with perioperative care in procedure, operating, and recovery rooms
  • Ensure that the operating room runs smoothly and is stocked with all necessary surgical supplies and equipment
  • Develop and implement care plans for surgical patients
  • Assist in the maintenance and storage of surgical equipment
  • Evaluate surgical patients prior to surgery and in postoperative phases
  • Communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of postoperative care


  • Apply aseptic and sterile techniques to medical instruments and equipment before, during, and after surgery
  • Alleviate patients’ concerns by answering questions and providing postoperative care instructions
  • Assist surgeon during procedures with duties such as passing medical equipment and monitoring patients’ vital signs
  • Prepare patients for surgery by disinfecting their skin at the operation site and positioning them on the operating table
  • Update patient files and medical records
  • Adhere to all relevant health and safety standards

Skills and qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of surgical operation procedures
  • Highly skilled at assessing patients prior to surgery and providing them with perioperative care
  • Extensive knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques
  • Ability to collaborate with surgeons and other healthcare professionals
  • Solid understanding of patient health and safety standards
  • Excellent organizational skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in nursing and valid license relevant to country of employment
  • Previous experience as a nurse providing perioperative care, or in a related role
  • Capacity for providing a high level of care under pressure
  • A friendly personality with outstanding patient management skills
  • Cool tempered with emotional stamina
  • Strong understanding of patient safety