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Sample robotics engineer job description

Groundbreaking technologies are built by amazing people at [Company X], and we’re looking for a passionate robotics engineer to become our company’s newest innovator. The ideal candidate is a flexible, creative engineer who has deep expertise, burning curiosity, a solid grasp of design, and a desire to wear many hats. One day this person might be working on a new CAD model; the next day assembling prototype vehicles or coordinating a group of trainees. The robotics engineer will join a multidisciplinary team dedicated to improving quality of life through commercial applications of advanced robotics and related technologies.

Objectives of this role

  • Design robotic process automation (RPA) solutions in accordance with standard design principles and conventions, such as robotic operating model (ROM)
  • Configure new RPA using efficient, well-structured, and maintainable workflow principles
  • Create RPA solution documentation that aligns with business and stakeholder requirements
  • Support existing systems by implementing a structured change control process
  • Work within project timelines and constraints, communicating risks and potential problems to managers as soon as they arise


  • Design, develop, and configure simple-to-complex multisystem RPA, and document associated requirements
  • Work directly with end-user community to understand requirements and data flows and to articulate solutions, risks, and challenges
  • Design and develop a system for monitoring and reporting on bot performance, and work across various functions to achieve utilization rate of 100 percent
  • Schedule and run RPA to ensure stability of environment
  • Address issues that arise in daily running of RPA, and provide timely responses and solutions as needed

Required skills and qualifications

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in robotics, computer science, or electrical engineering
  • Hands-on experience with implementations of RPA technologies such as UiPath or Blue Prism
  • Familiarity with multi-bot architecture implementation
  • Broad technical and IT knowledge, including operating systems, programming languages, and databases
  • Keen understanding of how to write and test robust, safety-critical, efficient code

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Web-based portfolio that demonstrates previous work in robotics
  • Experience with mobile robots and autonomous vehicles