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Sample security guard job description

At [Company X], thousands of people come through our doors every day to work, shop, and eat. We’re looking for a highly competent security guard to help monitor the premises and protect our valued staff, visitors, tenants, and inventory. The ideal candidate will have experience as a security officer or guard, as well as training in self-defense and first aid. This person should have a sharp eye and quick reflexes for detecting suspicious or criminal behavior and preventing theft and vandalism. Under the supervision of a security sergeant, the security guard will be responsible for the protection of all assets, personnel, customers, tenants, and visitors at our property.

Objectives of this role

  • Ensure a safe environment through team efforts of active patrol, access control, diligent monitoring, and camera surveillance
  • Be visible and observant at all times, and greet staff members, guests, and vendors in a courteous and attentive manner
  • Respond immediately to distress calls, panic alarms, and emergency signals regarding disorderly conduct and disruptive incidents
  • Maintain the company’s reputation through professionalism and strict compliance with the law
  • Collaborate with other security guards to provide effective coverage and protection of the property


  • Patrol property on foot, making sure personnel, assets, buildings, gates, and fence perimeters are secure in all weather conditions
  • Investigate incidents and take appropriate action as authorized by company policy for accidents, trespassing, suspicious activity, and fire safety
  • Control and monitor surveillance equipment, and perform building and equipment inspections
  • Guard access points by permitting or refusing entry, restraining trespassers, and directing heavy vehicular traffic at beginning and end of business days
  • Complete daily reports, including observations, surveillance footage, and signatures
  • Maintain security of all doors, windows, and exits during shift

Required skills and qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Registration as security guard
  • Experience as security guard
  • Helpful, courteous attitude
  • Certification in first aid, CPR, BLS, and self-defense
  • MMPI psychological testing, if required to carry a weapon

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Proficiency with computers, and aptitude for learning new software and systems
  • Experience with security equipment and surveillance systems
  • Experience in law enforcement