You might hire a social worker to:

  • Work closely with vulnerable individuals or groups, identifying people in need, assessing their needs, and providing tailored support

  • Help clients adjust to changes and overcome challenges in their lives, like unemployment or divorce

  • Advocate for communities in need and develop programs to support them

  • Refer clients to other services and resources, such as rehabilitation facilities, to ensure they get the help they need

  • Provide crisis intervention when a client’s safety or well-being is in jeopardy, such as during mental health emergencies

  • Diagnose and contribute to treatment plans for mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders (if licensed to perform clinical work)

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Degree in social work (ex: BSW or MSW)
Relevant licenses, if applicable (ex: LCSW)
Post-graduation supervised practice
Experience working in a similar setting or with specific groups (ex: children)
Strong communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills
Proficiency with case management software
Ability to act swiftly and appropriately in crisis situations   Fluency in multiple languages (if working with diverse groups)
A patient and compassionate approach to dealing with clients and their families Valid specialty certificates (ex: C-CYFSW)