Sample tax accountant job description

[Company X] is searching for a qualified tax accountant to prepare and process all tax payments and returns for our organization. This role requires prior accounting experience, along with great knowledge of current law, regulations, and tax requirements. The successful candidate will have a keen attention to detail, be highly organized, and know a significant deal about tax management. They should also know how to recommend best tax processes that strictly adhere to all legal requirements while simultaneously promoting our company’s financial prosperity.

Objectives of this role

  • Ensure [Company X] delivers tax reports to tax authorities in a timely fashion

  • Shape the organization’s financial management strategies 

  • Identify tax savings opportunities 

  • Advise and update clients on tax operations 

  • Follow and educate colleagues on current tax regulations and industry trends 

  • Align [Company X]’s tax presence with all legal rules and regulations


  • Collect and track tax forms 

  • Prepare tax returns for proper filing under strict deadlines

  • Audit records to address any clerical errors 

  • Inform clients of tax savings opportunities 

  • Evaluate client tax and financial information

  • Organize and update tax databases

Skills and qualifications

  • Stellar bookkeeping abilities

  • Superb accounting skills

  • Thorough understanding of current tax laws, rules, and regulations

  • Sharp arithmetic abilities

  • Comprehensive understanding of tax return processes, rules, and regulations

  • Deep analytical thinking skills for solving difficult problems

Preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge of accounting software packages such as QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite  

  • Possession of a professional license (ex: certified public accountant license in the United States)

  • Close attention to detail and accuracy

  • High degree of computer literacy 

  • Significant experience overseeing an organization’s tax documentation

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills