Discover what talent wants throughout the job search journey

We surveyed over 20,000 professionals in 29 countries, including nearly 1,400 professionals in Australia and New Zealand, to better understand their attitudes and behaviours at each stage of the job search - from their first encounter with a job opportunity through accepting an offer.

In this report, you'll learn about:

  • The talent landscape: See the active and passive candidate ratio in your country
  • Talent behavior: Find out where talent goes to discover new jobs
  • The first conversation: Learn what talent wants to hear from you
  • The interview: Exceed expectations during the interview experience
  • The final decision: Know what matters to talent as they consider your job offer
  • Talent feedback: Hear what motivates and frustrates talent most

With this data, you'll have a blueprint for successfully attracting, engaging, and hiring this modern and dynamic talent pool in your country and around the world.


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