Leadership disciplines for breakthrough performance

Adam Bleibtreu, Creative Circle | Digital + Creative Staffing
Tammy Browning, Kelly Services
Barry Asin, Staffing Industry Analytics
Kimberly Miller, LinkedIn
John Nurthen, Staffing Industry Analytics

What sets top-performing staffing firms apart from all the others? Barry Asin, president of Staffing Industry Analysts and coauthor of Breaking Through, has been studying that question for most of his career. In this episode, he will share the results of his latest research on the subject, highlight the key disciplines needed to break through the inevitable barriers to growth that all staffing firms face, and sit down with leading agency executives to talk about what it takes to reach the top in a global industry with $400 billion in annual spend.

Tune in to:

  • Learn about the five levers that most impact agency growth
  • Hear from industry leaders on how they are accelerating performance within their firms
  • Uncover techniques to overcome skills shortages and future-proof your business