Sample Industrial Engineer Job Description

Job Description

[CompanyX] is a global developer of high-performing medical solutions and technology. We utilize innovative design systems to deliver streamlined operations to the healthcare industry on budget and on time. We’re looking for an experienced industrial engineer to help us develop meticulous solutions that serve medical professionals and patients worldwide. The ideal candidate will have a natural desire to improve processes and a drive to lead dynamic projects that improve the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.

Objectives of this Role

  • Analyze and evaluate existing systems and processes, identifying value-added and non-value-added activities to solve design challenges
  • Conceive, design, test, and develop innovative solutions based on analysis and organizational objectives
  • Evaluate and explore new and existing processes, equipment, and materials as an input to scheduling methods, performance metrics and financial standards
  • Foster [CompanyX]’s reputation by delivering innovative solutions while upholding company, federal, and state regulations
  • Manage and conduct employee training for productivity improvement projects, and mentor fellow engineers and technicians

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Utilize principles of mathematics, science, and engineering to streamline processes
    Identify opportunities to prevent waste and inefficiency in production
  • Research and test design ideas to determine feasibility, utilizing Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and root cause analysis to formulate/support innovation, corrective actions, and continuous improvement activities
  • Develop and design robust manufacturing concepts to simplify/improve manufacturing processes to ensure best practice, performing structural and thermal analyses of components and assemblies, building prototypes, evaluating performance, identifying  issues, and make improvements
  • Create and maintain required manufacturing process documentation, including process flow charts, capacity and utilization studies, time and motion studies, standard work, cycle time analysis and line balancing
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gain insight and direction

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering (IE or ME)
  • 7+ years related engineering experience
  • In-depth understanding of lean manufacturing principles
  • Hands-on experience building small prototypes
  • Proficiency with analytical tools, workflow time study, and process balancing
  • Ability to interface with program management, manufacturing leads, customer, and functional leads; provide daily direction and guidance to junior associates and management
  • Advanced experience using MS suite, including Access, Excel, and PowerPoint

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Pro-E and AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of advanced product quality planning (APQP) and production part approval process (PPAP)