Sample Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Job Description

We’re looking for a strong mechanical engineer to join our organization. We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to everyday mechanical problems. While acting as mentors to our production teams, our mechanical engineers engage in rigorous analytic and design processes using the most up-to-date computer software. Our ideal candidate will have experience with the entire production lifecycle, ushering mechanical solutions from research and design through implementation.

Objectives of this Role

  • Analyze mechanical problems and produce innovative solutions using multiple fabrication and material methods, including injection molding, aluminum castings, machined parts, and sheet metal
  • Oversee and engage in product development from design and development through implementation, monitoring progress and status of all assignments and report progress and problems to management
  • Evaluate mechanical designs for potential flaws and offer modifications to eliminate potential problems  
  • Comply with all federal regulations and maintain organizational values and standards

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Work on product-sustaining projects, which involve replacement or redesign for obsolete components, product improvement features, cost reduction, manufacturing support, and field complaints
  • Prepare assembly or product layout and detailed drawings, and participate in the manufacture or building of prototype product or system
  • Provide tolerances studies, apply GD&T, conduct stress-analysis studies, develop reliability testing procedures, and generates appropriate design verification reports
  • Design testing methods to analyze product capabilities and troubleshoot any mechanical or structural flaws
  • Ensure that design implementation, test, and maintenance methods/processes are developed and executed in a manner that supports company quality standards
  • Participate in scheduled department meetings to report progress of overall project or portion of project, and prepare and give design presentations, and mentor junior engineers

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and relevant professional experience
  • 4+ years leading design and production teams
  • Working knowledge of analytic tools, such as ANSYS and ProMechanica
  • Working knowledge of core engineering concepts, including, but not limited to, mechanics, materials science, and thermodynamics
  • Proven experience with product development and the entirety of the product life cycle
  • Strong ability with computer-aided design systems, including CAM and CAE

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in mechanical engineering
  • 8+ years managing production teams
  • Appropriate BSME licensure
  • Proven experience developing innovative solutions to a range of mechanical problems