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  • Tap into your ATS’s analytics capabilities to gain insights about your talent pool as you craft your job descriptions.

  • Use the collaboration features to quickly and easily run drafts by relevant stakeholders, so you can spot areas for improvement. 

  • Store templates in your ATS to save your team time and ensure your job descriptions are attractive and easy to read. If you use LinkedIn Talent Hub, the only ATS built on the LinkedIn platform, you’ll have access to over 130 effective, customizable, and mobile-friendly templates, right at your fingertips.

  • Bring talent pool data from your ATS to the table when discussing ideal candidate profiles, enabling you to earn your hiring manager’s trust, make a stronger case for your strategy, and set the right expectations from day one. 

  • Give hiring managers and other stakeholders access to the ATS to increase their visibility into the recruiting process, empowering them to raise any issues in a timely manner. 

  • Track ROI data through your ATS to build the hiring manager’s confidence and improve your relationship, further reducing alignment issues over time.

  • Integrate your ATS with your email to avoid lengthy back-and-forths over scheduling and allow candidates to book time with you in just a few clicks. 

  • Encourage interviewers and stakeholders to upload their notes and scorecards to the ATS immediately after screenings and interviews, reducing time spent chasing down feedback. 

  • Explore whether your ATS offers integrations with assessment tools that can help you make more informed decisions—and give candidates the chance to showcase their abilities.

  • Track where each candidate is in the process at a glance and set reminders to follow up after each touchpoint.

  • Collaborate with your entire team in a unified platform, speeding up decision-making to allow for faster follow-ups. 

  • Automate tedious administrative tasks to put more time back in your day for the things that matter most—like checking in with candidates, building the relationship, and sharing resources to help them prepare for the next step.

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