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Your peers tell us that availability of quality talent is the biggest obstacle they face. Yet 80% of professionals say they’re open to discussing an opportunity – even if they’re not actively looking. The key is finding them.

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Within the first week of using LinkedIn Recruiter, The Strider Group experienced 300% return on investment – and that’s just the beginning.

“I literally used LinkedIn Recruiter for one week and had a 300% return on investment.”
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Brian Perry Founder and Owner at The Strider Group

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You need to engage – and close – candidates more quickly. To do so, you have to get the right job in front of the right person at the right time.

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Get your clients’ opportunities in front of the right candidates, automatically. LinkedIn’s matching algorithms target candidates with the most relevant jobs based on their LinkedIn profiles.

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It’s a competitive market out there. How you connect and engage with potential candidates and clients is the difference between standing out and struggling to keep up.

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"The LinkedIn Recruiter platform has taken our company from making 10 to 15 placements a year to over 30 placements."
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Karen Rager-Takeda President, Rager Resources Group