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  • Predict better job performance: We’ve leveraged decades of well-validated science to develop highly accurate assessments that predict job performance and drive business results. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessments, which includes both game-based and traditional assessments, spans across cognitive aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, skills, and more, giving you a clearer picture of candidate potential. With the help of AI, adaptive technology, and mobile-friendly platforms, we’re creating a more engaging assessment experience without compromising on precision.
  • Hire a more diverse team: The traditional hiring process of resumes and unstructured interviews is flawed and often biased. Criteria’s assessments provide a structured, fair, and objective way to evaluate candidates based on their potential, not their background. We rigorously validate our assessments to reduce bias, and we design our assessments to be shorter and mobile-friendly to increase access and widen your applicant pools. We’re dedicated to working side by side with our clients to build a fair and equitable hiring process that helps organizations achieve their goals to build stronger, more diverse teams.
  • Prioritize your talent pool with unlimited testing: We offer unlimited testing across our entire assessment portfolio. Candidates can take the test anywhere and on any device. Criteria offers a flat-fee subscription with unlimited use of all tests in our portfolio, giving you the flexibility to test as many candidates as you need. Every customer also gets access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is there to provide guidance and support to help you achieve your hiring goals.