Training videos, tip sheets, playbooks, and more to nurture talent with content.

Getting Started with Sponsored Content and Pipeline Builder

Learn how to create, access, plan, and review your Sponsored Content and Pipeline Builder campaigns.

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Tips & Tricks for creating Sponsored Content

Learn a few tips to easily create sponsored content that will drive warm, qualified leads.

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Objective Based Advertising Cheat Sheet

Leverage our Objective Based Advertising cheat sheet to help you align your company's goals and drive successful campaigns.

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Create a Recruitment Video in under 10 steps!

Watch this video for quick tips on how to create a successful, budget friendly, recruitment video to attract top talent to your company.

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Unleash LinkedIn's Targeting Capabilities

Get guidelines to help you target your updates to the candidates that matter.

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Administer Your Company Feed Updates

Learn how to manage your company update feed and see an overview of activity.

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Track Activity on the Notifications Tab

View interactions with your updates and see your most engaging content.

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5 Steps to Develop
a Content Strategy

Plan, create, and curate content that will delight and engage your audience.

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Tips for Crafting Great Status Updates

Learn the basics, like including a video or image, and more.

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Boost Your Talent Brand Through Content

Use compelling content to build relationships with members.

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Use Native Video to Captivate Your Audience

Discover how to include video ads in Sponsored Content campaigns.

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Personalize your Campaign Manager reporting

Check out the new interface that lets you work faster and smarter.

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