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Creating profiles for ideal candidates brings a laserlike focus to the hiring process and makes recruiting more efficient.

  • Select essential skills 
    Align with the hiring team on three to five integral skills an ideal candidate should have. Candidate profiles shouldn’t be static, but should evolve to reflect the realities of today’s talent market.
  • Establish nonessential traits and skills
    Pick the traits, experiences, and skills that aren’t essential, but would bring additional value to the team.
  • Identify deal-breakers
    Determine any red flags like a short job tenure or a lack of professionalism in a candidate’s online presence.
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A well-written job post helps position your company as a great place to work, engages candidates, and encourages them to apply.

  • Use a clear title 
    Avoid gimmicky titles like “rock star” or “ninja.” Jargon doesn’t give candidates a clear picture of the role and can hurt the job post’s discoverability. 
  • Highlight the most important responsibilities
    Prioritize four to six short points that communicate goals clearly and concisely, since most candidates skim through posts before deciding to apply.
  • Share perks and benefits
    Give candidates a sense of company culture. Do you offer commuter benefits, a learning stipend, or flexible work hours? Entice candidates with key differentiators.
  • Don’t start from scratch
    Writing job descriptions takes away time better spent attracting great candidates — save time and use job description templates.
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