Illustration of a woman standing at a desk working on a laptop

You might hire a data consultant to:

  • Obtain insights into the state of your organization’s data systems and processes
  • Implement new processes or technologies that will help your company use data more effectively

  • Access a highly specialized expert with a skill set that does not exist within your organization

  • Act as a temporary employee on specific projects or during periods of peak demand
  • Diagnose and address latent problems with your data systems

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Proven experience consulting in similar organizational settings Relevant certification in Computer Science, IT, Mathematics, Statistics, or related field
Analytical mindset, with a strong ability to solve complex problems Professional certification in Data Analytics
Knowledge of relevant data analysis tools, database technologies, programming languages, data visualization tools, and reporting systems Excellent leadership, collaboration, and communication skills
Ability to translate insights into actionable strategies  Strong project management skills