Illustration of three people working at a desktop computer, collaborating.

Sample designer job description

At [Company X], designers are at the forefront of the creative process. We’re looking for a detail-oriented person who has superior design skills and experience, along with a portfolio that proves it. An innovative, outside-the-box mindset is highly valued — and it’s what sets apart the design leaders at our organization. With projects ranging in scope, media channel, and audience, designers at [Company X] must be equipped to manage multiple requirements and deadlines. More important, the ideal candidate must be able to communicate visually and effectively in order to change minds ultimately.

Objectives of this role

  • Design visual concepts using appropriate tools, media, and/or technologies
  • Incorporate relevant branding, marketing, and communication strategies in designs
  • Complete design projects on time and within the designated budget


  • Communicate design concepts and pitches to relevant stakeholders
  • Collaborate with creative teams for cohesive deliverables
  • Time-manage multiple projects and keep stakeholders updated on progress
  • Consistently deliver creative solutions for visually based problems or needs

Required skills and qualifications

  • Portfolio of high-quality professional work and project samples (for entry-level role, academic portfolio is acceptable)
  • Mastery of foundational design concepts and visual principles
  • Proficiency with the techniques, tools, and technologies necessary for outstanding design work
  • Ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and produce work within deadlines

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or associate’s degree in design or art-related field
  • Two or more years of experience in a design role
  • Certification and/or training in relevant software programs