Illustration of a man sitting at a desk

You might hire a general counsel to:

  • Advise an organization’s executives on litigation strategy
  • Oversee a company’s in-house legal team

  • Ensure all company procedures are legally compliant and follow industry best practices

  • Maintain a record of company legal documents
  • Oversee legal issues that may arise in the organization

  • Communicate with external counsels, clients, politicians, and regulators

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Possession of a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degree, or regional equivalent
Proven experience as a general counsel or a comparable legal role
License to practice law in the state or country of practice
Firm understanding of and commitment to ethics and integrity
A bachelor’s or master’s degree in law, or equivalent
Excellent problem-solving techniques
Comprehensive knowledge of corporate, labor, and appellate law
Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
Strong leadership skills