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Sample nail technician job description

At [Company X], we’re committed to providing a memorable beauty experience for all of our clients. We’re currently searching for a talented nail technician who can join our team and further our reputation for stellar customer service. This person will be responsible for providing high-quality manicures, pedicures, and nail treatments while maintaining a clean and sanitized workstation at all times. Our ideal candidate will also prioritize positive, professional relationships with customers, and aim to gradually expand their client base.

Objectives of this role

  • Shape, polish, and treat customers’ fingernails and toenails 

  • Apply, remove, or touch up gel, acrylic, or shellac nails 

  • Assess nail health and determine best treatment for optimal care

  • Engage in customer consultations and provide necessary nail care services

  • Build long-lasting relationships to encourage repeat business and referrals


  • Interact with clients and discuss expectations before providing nail service 

  • Push back cuticles, trim and shape nails, and apply client’s desired polish

  • Determine clients’ nail health and promote beneficial treatments 

  • Ensure that workstation is sanitized and organized before every new client 

  • Offer complimentary hand and foot massages 

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of manicure and pedicure techniques

  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients and build positive rapport 

  • Ability to perform nail-grooming services and educate clients on proper nail care

  • Customer service skills when promoting different products in-store

  • Physical dexterity and stamina to perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time

Preferred qualifications

  • Demonstrated work experience in cosmetology 

  • Eagerness to learn new techniques and trends 

  • License in cosmetology for relevant region 

  • Ability to collaborate with other cosmetologists when treating customers