Sample restaurant manager job description

At [Company X], we strive to provide stellar dining experiences. We are seeking an experienced restaurant manager who can oversee day-to-day operations, hire and train qualified staff members, and maintain high food standards. The restaurant manager will also be responsible for developing a positive brand image through consistent customer service and a strong understanding of restaurant protocol. With professionalism and a positive attitude, they will help contribute to the growth and popularity of our restaurant, as well as the long-term success of our employees.

Objectives of this role

  • Oversee restaurant operations and ensure a smooth flow
  • Maintain a positive restaurant culture
  • Create work schedules that align with the restaurant’s needs
  • Ensure proper compliance with restaurant hygiene regulations
  • Train new employees to help them meet the restaurant’s expectations
  • Interact with diners and build positive rapport with different types of people


  • Manage and keep up smooth restaurant operations
  • Supervise both kitchen staff and waitstaff, providing necessary feedback
  • Write daily budget reports on both revenue and costs
  • Communicate with diners and mitigate potential conflicts
  • Organize and take stock of restaurant supplies
  • Maintain weekly and monthly payroll for staff

Skills and qualifications

  • Proven work experience in a restaurant setting
  • Demonstrated customer service skills
  • Understanding of financial management
  • Strong knowledge of restaurant management software
  • Ability to memorize and explain the restaurant’s menu
  • Willingness to work flexible hours

Preferred qualifications

  • Clear verbal communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Clear attention to detail
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of current food and beverage trends