Sample sushi chef job description

To ensure an excellent dining experience for all of our clients, [Company X] is looking for a skilled and dedicated sushi chef. We’re looking for a candidate capable of preparing sushi for customers with different dietary needs. In addition to their work in the kitchen, the sushi chef will be responsible for maintaining inventory and making sure the work space complies with all relevant health and safety standards. They’ll also be involved in developing the menu, ensuring that the offerings match what customers want, so that [Company X] retains its reputation for serving unmatched cuisine.

Objectives of this role

  • Maintain the restaurant’s strong reputation for fine dining

  • Assist kitchen staff in developing cooking and back-of-house management skills

  • Keep restaurant in accordance with all relevant health and safety standards

  • Develop a modern menu featuring the latest sushi trends 

  • Manage preparation area, with an emphasis on organization and cleanliness 

  • Monitor costs of keeping inventory in stock


  • Prepare sushi meals for clients or customers

  • Source high-quality fish and produce for dishes 

  • Manage inventory in kitchen to ensure adequate stock

  • Make sushi meeting various dietary requirements, such as veganism

  • Vet proposed additions to the menu

  • Supervise other kitchen staff

Skills and qualifications

  • Understanding of Japanese cuisine 

  • Ability to manage a sushi work space 

  • Knowledge of kitchen safety standards 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Willingness to take instruction and feedback

  • Attention to detail and concern for quality

Preferred qualifications

  • Desire to hone skills

  • Willingness to field special requests

  • Friendly demeanor in client interactions 

  • Familiarity with culinary trends

  • High professional integrity

  • Ability to manage a culinary team