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You might hire a roofer to:

  • Construct and reinforce roofs for a variety of building types

  • Find and select roofing materials such as tiles, shingles, and roofing paper

  • Perform goods and labor estimates to deliver clients budget-conscious work

  • Transport workers and materials to and from the worksite



Required skills and qualifications
Preferred skills and qualifications
Strong knowledge of roofing processes and techniques Experience as a roofer or general contractor
Capable of lifting heavy objects (50 pounds or more) Professional contacts in the construction industry for sourcing labor and building materials
Clear, confident communication skills Proficiency with a variety of power tools
Ability to work outside for long periods of time
Ability to work well with other roofers, contractors, construction managers, and customers
Excellent physical fitness
Knowledge of up-to-date building codes and construction safety standards