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Sample roofer job description

At [Company X], we develop high-quality buildings for businesses and homeowners alike. We are seeking a professional roofer to aid contractors with installing and replacing beautiful roofs. The roofer will apply their knowledge of sound roofing processes to install shingles, roofing insulation, vapor barriers, and more. They will employ diagnostic techniques to guarantee high-quality work, and will aid [Company X] in sourcing and selecting the right materials for the job. In doing so, the roofer will ensure our clients consistently look to [Company X] as the best choice for roofing services.

Objectives of this role

  • Perform inspections of existing roofing structures and materials to understand new material and labor requirements

  • Keep clients and [Company X] up to date on roofing projects

  • Expand [Company X]’s roofing practice to new locations and business avenues

  • Provide communities with expertly developed roofs for homes, business establishments, and other infrastructure

  • Ensure the safety and integrity of assigned roofing projects

  • Grow [Company X]’s image as an excellent roofing business


  • Build, replace, and support roofs for a variety of building types

  • Source and choose building supplies such as tiles, shingles, roofing paper, and other necessary materials

  • Calculate goods and labor estimates to perform budget-conscious work 

  • Bring workers and materials to and from the work site

  • Establish and break down the work site as necessary

  • Provide roofing supervisor with status updates on progress and setbacks

Skills and qualifications

  • Comprehensive knowledge of roofing processes and techniques

  • Ability to lift heavy objects at or above 50 pounds

  • Clear, confident communication skills

  • Ability to work outside for long periods of time

  • Excellent physical fitness

  • Competency with basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Preferred qualifications

  • Previous experience as a roofer or general contractor

  • Professional contacts in the construction industry for sourcing labor and building materials

  • Adeptness with a variety of power tools

  • Ability to work well with other roofers, contractors, construction managers, and customers

  • Expert-level knowledge of up-to-date building codes and construction safety standards

  • Sharp analytical skills and attention to detail