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Sample general contractor job description

At [Company X], we are dedicated to helping people build their next dream home, place of business, or property extension. We are searching for a general contractor to help us deliver on these aspirations with high-quality construction work. The general contractor will source and supply their own subcontracting staff and materials to ensure consistently successful construction. They will oversee daily operations of their building projects, manage vendors, and update all relevant parties on project timelines. In doing so, the general contractor will help [Company X] grow and evolve our business.

Objectives of this role

  • Develop contracted construction projects in collaboration with building staff
  • Keep clients updated on the status of their contracted projects
  • Communicate new requests and updated preferences to building staff
  • Maintain [Company X]’s reputation as an excellent source for high-quality building projects to expand our client base
  • Help [Company X] expand the potential to develop exciting new building projects by sourcing new contracting talent
  • Assist [Company X] with staying current on new and emerging building codes and specifications


  • Source and purchase any supplies necessary to complete a building project
  • Oversee all on-site construction processes
  • Hire and onboard new subcontracting staff, and manage existing staff
  • Perform construction services alongside subcontracting staff as necessary
  • Adhere to the established budget by adjusting costly construction processes
  • Serve as a key point of contact between the client and construction staff

Skills and qualifications

  • Intuitive time-management skills
  • Extensive experience performing building services
  • Expert knowledge of sound construction processes
  • Excellent problem-solving techniques
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks under high degree of pressure
  • Clear, confident communication abilities

Preferred qualifications

  • Significant management and leadership experience
  • Extensive network of connections for sourcing subcontractors and materials
  • Comprehensive knowledge of power tools and other construction equipment
  • Keen understanding of mathematics and physics
  • Strong familiarity with computers, email clients, and project management software
  • Consistent availability of transportation to commute to and from construction sites