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Sample school nurse job description

Are you passionate about working with students and ensuring they receive the one-on-one care they may need? [SCHOOL] is looking for a school nurse to oversee the healthcare of our students and faculty members. The ideal candidate should be compassionate and experienced in educating students, parents, and staff on good health and nutrition. Additional responsibilities include developing school healthcare initiatives, ensuring adherence to all local and national health regulations, and treating students with injuries, sudden ailments, chronic illnesses, and disabilities.

Objectives of this role

  • Provide basic healthcare to students and staff in the case of injury or acute illness

  • Ensure a safe school environment for children that complies with national and local health laws 

  • Promote an optimal level of wellness among students and staff

  • Educate students, parents, and faculty on healthy habits and the importance of maintaining proper hygiene 

  • Consult with parents, teachers, and school administrators regarding student care 

  • Develop and implement health plans for students with specific health needs


  • Perform routine hearing, visual, growth, and other health screenings 

  • Administer medication, take temperatures, bandage wounds, and carry out other healthcare procedures

  • Provide referrals for students to pediatricians and other health specialists, when necessary 

  • Keep track of students’ medical histories and other paperwork, including vaccination records 

  • Plan and implement school health management protocols and procedures, for both routine and emergency situations 

  • Teach students healthy habits and lifelong skills, like the importance of handwashing

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills 

  • Passion for working with students 

  • Knowledge of national and local health regulations 

  • Ability to think critically under pressure

  • Patience with students and excellent listening skills

  • Well-versed in many areas of healthcare, including mental health

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in nursing or related field

  • Current nursing license by regulatory board in the country of employment

  • BLS/CPR certification

  • Ability to assess situations and act quickly 

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multitask

  • Compassionate and empathetic demeanor