Illustration of a woman standing at a desk working on a laptop

Sample software architect job description 

[Company X] is seeking an experienced software architect to lead and develop software development projects. Collaborating with other software engineers, you’ll be responsible for determining, planning, and delegating tasks on all software development projects. Our ideal candidate is highly skilled in information technology and equipped with great problem-solving and leadership abilities. Fluency in multiple programming languages is a must, along with significant knowledge of subjects such as database design, content management systems, and enterprise service bus architecture.

Objectives of this role

  • Design and develop robust software to be sold and/or used by an organization

  • Determine and analyze all technical needs of a project

  • Test software for quality assurance 

  • Identify and resolve issues in software systems as needed

  • Document software functionality and components 

  • Approve final products before launch


  • Write and test code as needed 

  • Delegate tasks to software engineers 

  • Track project development process 

  • Solve technical issues 

  • Perform quality assurance tests 

  • Present project development and final products to higher-ups

Skills and qualifications

  • Working knowledge of multiple programming languages and frameworks

  • Database design skills 

  • Great knowledge of information technology 

  • Firm understanding of software quality assurance procedures 

  • Knowledge of enterprise service bus (ESB) platforms like BizTalk and MuleSoft

  • Experience with content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla

Preferred qualifications

  • Significant software development experience  

  • Sharp written and verbal communication skills 

  • Excellent technical and logistical thinking skills 

  • Impeccable organizational skills 

  • Great problem-solving abilities 

  • Thorough attention to detail