A man with brown hair sitting and working on a computer in an office.
A diverse group of people conversing in front of a bulletin board with papers on it.
A person seated on a couch with a laptop points to Internet browser windows with diverse candidate profiles inside.)
A person giving a visual presentation to two seated individuals, one of whom is raising their hand.
A person sitting at a desk with a computer in front of them, turning their head to look at a calendar on the wall.
A person seated at a desk, looking at a computer with some highlighted text and a green checkmark.
A person sitting on a couch, their hand on their chin as if in thought. Above them is a resumé and a checklist of items that go from green to yellow to red, with a couple items checked off at the top.
A group of diverse people seated at a table in a workplace setting, having a discussion. There are cups on the table.
A person seated at a desk looking at a computer screen with grayed-out candidate profiles, some with stars next to them. There is a bookshelf full of books built into the person’s desk.