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Attract more top talent to your company by putting job ads right on your employees LinkedIn profiles.

  1. Features

    Reach top passive talent while they’re thinking of you

    Get potential candidates thinking of working for you whenever they research or connect with one of your employees.

    Feature your most relevant jobs

    Let the right candidates know you’re looking for professionals like them by displaying personalized job ads to every viewer.

    Strengthen your talent pipeline

    Our recruitment ads dramatically outperform typical banner ads with up to 50 times higher clickthrough rate, driving interested professionals to your jobs, Career Page, and other destinations.

    • Get the attention of prospects by advertising jobs on your employees’ profiles
    • Show the right ads with custom job recommendations based on the viewer’s profile
    • Drive traffic to your jobs, Career Page, or career website
  2. Success stories

    • By building their employer brand on LinkedIn, AppSense are able to stand out in a competitive sector.

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    • A lot of people are reluctant to use social media for recruitment. But they can’t deny the results – better quality people with little cost.

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  3. Job posting resources

    • Learn LinkedIn Ads best practices

      Work With Us datasheet


    • Talent Brand

      5 Steps to Boosting Your Talent Brand Through Content


    • Social recruiting guide

      The Modern Recruiter’s Guide


    • Recruiting Trends

      Talent Trends 2014


  4. Start attracting passive talent with our Job ads today.

  5. Get everything you need to build a world-class team

    Round out your employer branding efforts, add job posts for active talent, and source passive candidates with the industry-standard recruiting tool.

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