Training videos, tip sheets, playbooks, and more to find and engage talent.

LinkedIn Recruiter Essentials

Join this live webinar to learn a simple workflow and best practices for working efficiently in Recruiter.

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Turn a Prospect into a Candidate with InMail

Webinar: Learn InMail strategies for building relationships and increasing response rates.

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Meet LinkedIn's New Recruiter and Jobs

See the new Recruiter and Jobs workflow in action and learn how to create a unified pipeline of talent.

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Shift to Proactive Recruiting

Webinar: Discover how to identify talent before you begin your search with a pipeline of talent.

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Increase Efficiency with Projects

Centralize all your work in one place, increase team collaborate, and reduce duplication of efforts.

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Advanced Search Strategies and Filtering Techniques

Webinar: Gain a competitive advantage by using expert search and filtering techniques in Recruiter.

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Create a Project in Recruiter

Get an overview of the different entry points into a project and learn best practices for naming projects.

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Let Recruiter Do the Work for You

Webinar: Learn how to maximize results with Recruiter in a minimal amount of time.

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