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You might hire a data protection officer to:

  • Ensure full compliance with GDPR
  • Ensure compliance with sector-specific data protection regulations

  • Identify and eliminate areas of risk for sensitive data

  • Train and educate employees and management on their responsibilities under data protection laws

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Experience providing direction in the implementation of strategies and procedures to ensure compliance with GDPR and any other sector-specific data protection laws
Certification in IT, information security, computer science, software engineering, business, or related fields
Excellent knowledge of GDPR and sector-specific data protection laws
Professional certifications in privacy, security, or risk management
Strong leadership, communication, and negotiation skills
Commitment to keeping up with evolving legislature
Solid understanding of IT technology and processes
Extensive knowledge of emerging technologies and how they affect data protection
Experience mentoring and training organizations and individuals on data protection compliance
Excellent attention to detail