Sample insurance sales representative job description 

Are you an experienced insurance sales representative seeking a rewarding insurance sales career? [Company X] is looking for a strong insurance sales representative to help expand its business by actively seeking and retaining clients. The representative will become an expert on [Company X]’s offerings, and regularly contact prospective clients about various insurance products and policies. They will also answer questions and suggest plans that best fit the client, and must be customer-focused with a strong desire to research, source, and build long relationships with potential clients.

Objectives of this role

  • Design and implement effective marketing strategies to sell [Company X]’s insurance contracts 

  • Help businesses, individuals, and families select an insurance policy that best fits their needs

  • Periodically reassess policy needs of clients, especially after life-changing events 

  • Research and source prospective clients and new leads 

  • Maintain regular contact with existing clients to discuss renewals or add-ons

  • Stay up to date with market trends and best practices of the insurance industry


  • Explain various insurance policies and products to potential and existing clients, guiding them toward the best coverage 

  • Issue quotes, maintain client records, prepare reports, and answer client questions about insurance plans and policies 

  • Suggest modifications and updates to existing clients’ insurance policies

  • Build customized insurance policies and packages

  • Source potential clients through professional networks, cold calls, and referrals   

  • Advise clients on potential risks and benefits of each policy

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Comfortable speaking with clients, whether over the phone or in person

  • Persuasive argumentation and listening skills   

  • Ability to identify and contact prospective clients

  • Ability to build customized insurance policies and packages that meet clients’ needs

  • General knowledge of different types of insurance plans, including home, business, and automotive

Preferred qualifications

  • Strong background in the insurance industry

  • Friendly personality, with excellent interpersonal and sales skills

  • Resilient spirit and persistent nature

  • Strong analytical skills with a goal-oriented mind 

  • Proven experience networking and building long-lasting relationships

  • Desire to receive feedback and improve performance