Illustration of three people working at a desktop computer, collaborating.

Sample marketing consultant job description

[Company X] is seeking a marketing consultant to develop on-brand strategies that promote our organization and services to a wider audience. Working closely with the rest of the marketing team, the marketing consultant will be responsible for shaping campaigns and measuring their results. At all stages, the marketing consultant will be in contact with stakeholders and management to keep them informed and invested in marketing decisions.

Objectives of this role

  • Develop a sound marketing strategy for [Company X]

  • Create branding guidelines for other marketing staff

  • Motivate employees and external vendors to produce high-quality marketing materials

  • Evaluate marketing metrics to determine campaign success 

  • Create an evidence-based strategy for future campaigns

  • Convince stakeholders to place their trust in marketing efforts


  • Advise on brand positioning and communications 

  • Stay on top of industry trends, identifying new opportunities through market research

  • Maintain strong relationships with internal staff and external marketing vendors

  • Measure campaign effectiveness, carefully tracking metrics like return on investment

  • Produce reports that summarize campaign performance and communicate key learnings

  • Develop models to forecast the impact of future marketing campaigns

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong writing and communication skills

  • Comfort working in a group or individual setting

  • Meticulous and diligent attention to detail

  • Ability to handle multiple complex projects

  • Responsiveness to stakeholder requests

  • Willingness to self-evaluate and continually improve

Preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge of modern marketing and content strategies

  • Familiarity with software used to track customer engagement

  • Aptitude for critical thinking and creative problem-solving

  • Capacity to research new topics and synthesize knowledge

  • Powerful persuasive reasoning skills

  • Excellent project management abilities