Illustration of three people working at a desktop computer, collaborating.

Sample product marketing manager job description

Product marketing managers at [Company X] spearhead all marketing efforts for their assigned product(s). These individuals deeply understand their target audience’s everyday challenges and can succinctly explain how their product helps solve customer problems. Through close collaborations with product owners, marketing content designers and writers, and product developers, product marketing managers are able to shape effective marketing content.

Objectives of this role

  • Improve [Company X]’s product marketing content output
  • Shape product marketing campaigns that target prospective customers
  • Align all product marketing copy with [Company X]’s brand ideals
  • Build relationships with external vendors and key stakeholders
  • Set product marketing budgets and track spend, always with an eye for ROI
  • Convert prospects into paying customers through consistent communications


  • Lead product marketing content development
  • Outline product marketing deployment timelines
  • Educate other departments on current product messaging
  • Manage team’s product marketing campaigns
  • Craft [Company X]’s product storytelling vision and voice
  • Negotiate budgets to execute our product marketing vision at scale

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Significant product marketing and development experience
  • Deep understanding of market trends and product lifecycles
  • Firm grasp of ways to develop strategic product marketing campaigns
  • High degree of empathy for others’ perspectives and circumstances
  • Sharp negotiation tactics

Preferred qualifications

  • Superb leadership abilities
  • Intuitive understanding of how to effectively assign responsibilities
  • Extensive experience designing customer promotions
  • Fluency with web development languages and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Proficiency with product design techniques based on hands-on experience
  • Expert grasp of software engineering, computer science, or a related field