Sample market research analyst job description

At [Company X], market research is the engine that drives our business forward. We are searching for a qualified market research analyst to research market and consumer trends. They'll understand our business objectives and strategically analyze relevant data to help us improve marketing and sales initiatives. And they’ll be able to interpret large quantities of data from across industries and communicate findings to our team and clients. [Company X] is committed to serving our clients and employees, and that starts with understanding market trends and using key data to accelerate our business.

Objectives of this role

  • Perform quantitative and qualitative research into consumers, competitors, and the marketplace

  • Create reports, presentations, and action items based on collected data

  • Analyze data from numerous sources to identify market trends and consumer demographics

  • Strategize how best to allocate resources to improve marketing campaigns and sales

  • Evaluate market data using software and statistical techniques

  • Understand business objectives and design polls or surveys to gain insights into prospective customers’ preferences


  • Conduct in-depth market research and share insights with the marketing and sales teams on a regular basis

  • Review and interpret large data sets and organize them into spreadsheets, charts, and graphs

  • Present data findings and insights during company-wide meetings

  • Study consumer behaviors and attitudes and write up predictions for future sales trends

  • Consolidate data findings into reports to share with clients

  • Stay up to date on market trends, consumer and product research, and industry best practices

Skills and qualifications

  • Exceptional analytical and strategic thinking abilities 

  • Great capacity to understand and relay complex data across industries

  • Comprehensive knowledge of statistics and experience with statistical technologies such as MATLAB and Python

  • Advanced computer literacy skills and a facility with search engines and web analytics

  • Superb ability to multitask while paying attention to detail

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience working as a market research analyst or in a similar role

  • Knowledge of data warehousing and mining

  • Familiarity using customer relationship management software such as Salesforce

  • Demonstrated success predicting market trends

  • Insatiable curiosity for digging into data and gaining market insights

  • Passion for statistical research and analysis