Sample kindergarten teacher job description

When it comes to educating the next generation of scholars, [Organization X] knows that it all starts with a great teacher — and the greatest teachers start at the beginning. Our kindergarten teachers are dedicated to instilling a love of learning in their students from Day 1, and ensuring students learn and grow over the course of the year to prepare for the many educational challenges that lie ahead. A good teacher knows the material and tries to impart it to their students — a great teacher knows their students.

Objectives of this role

  • Teach students reading, writing, and math skills

  • Help nurture a love of knowledge

  • Ensure students meet their goals and grow as learners

  • Use outcomes to revise and further develop learning plans

  • Create a safe and supportive classroom environment

  • Model positive and appropriate behavior for students


  • Plan lessons based on school curriculums and values

  • Develop learning objectives for students based on objective assessments

  • Hold regular classroom meetings to check in on students

  • Meet with parents to discuss student progress and concerns

  • Judge student comprehension with formative assessments

  • Prepare detailed report cards to inform families of student progress

Skills and qualifications

  • Commitment to helping foster a love of learning

  • Ability to construct age-appropriate lesson plans

  • Patience and understanding of student challenges

  • Willingness to learn and grow alongside students

  • Responsiveness to feedback

  • Dedication to school values and standards of excellence

Preferred qualifications

  • Teaching certificate

  • Familiarity with educational standards

  • Understanding of the community served by the school

  • Passion for educational equality

  • Inventiveness and creativity

  • Comprehensive grasp of learning material