Sample veterinary assistant job description

At [Company X], we provide pet owners with the care their beloved animals deserve. To that end, we’re searching for a veterinary assistant to help the head veterinarian uphold our consistently high pet care standards. The veterinary assistant will be responsible for any and all processes that help the veterinarian better focus on their tasks, from diagnosing pet illnesses to choosing appropriate treatment strategies. They will monitor animals under their care, perform tests, offer medication, and clean and sterilize equipment — all to help [Company X] provide the best pet care possible.

Objectives of this role

  • Provide animals with comfortable care

  • Monitor pets at regular intervals during their stay

  • Keep customers informed of the status of their pets

  • Assist animals with exercises to maintain their physical fitness

  • Ensure office inventory is consistently stocked so pets under [Company X]’s care always have access to the medicines and resources they need

  • Uphold [Company X]’s reputation as a fantastic veterinary establishment


  • Regularly nourish and hydrate animals under [Company X]’s care 

  • Provide animals with bathing and grooming services

  • Clean and sterilize veterinary equipment

  • Care for animals throughout treatment and examinations

  • Record information on pets to ensure consistently appropriate care

  • Advise pet owners on ways to properly care for their pets at home

Skills and qualifications

  • Professional experience working with animals

  • Strong verbal communication skills

  • Proficiency with computers and veterinary software

  • Ability to effectively work with pets alongside other veterinarians

  • Adept problem-solving approaches to overcome any issues with animals in [Company X]’s care

  • Excellent organization skills to efficiently multitask under pressure

Preferred qualifications

  • Proficiency with veterinary diagnostic equipment

  • Ability to comfortably restrain animals

  • Extensive knowledge of animal medicine and effective medicine administration techniques

  • Experience administering effective first aid to animals

  • Comfortable with veterinarian terminology 

  • Keen understanding of proper animal living conditions