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What to listen for

  • Owning of failures, rather than passing the blame
  • Self-reflection on what went wrong, with a clear sense of what to do differently next time

What this question assesses

  • Determination to persist past mistakes, rather than being discouraged
  • Humility and adaptation in the face of failure

What to listen for

  • Thoughtful, advanced planning that demonstrates organization and interest in an endeavor
  • Concrete steps they’ve taken to maintain a focused approach on achieving their goals

What this question assesses

  • Enthusiasm and diligence in achieving long-term goals
  • Motivation and perseverance, even when something goes unexpectedly

What to listen for

  • Centering around the negative, futile consequences of continuing down the same path
  • Careful, objective considerations of the pros and cons of giving up, and alternative solutions

What this question assesses

  • Ability to recognize a lost cause, although they don’t give up easily
  • Poise in backing out and making every effort to minimize unwanted consequences

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