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Illustration of a recruiter sitting at a desk and working on a laptop.
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  • Prioritize candidates most likely to respond, selected specifically for your company
  • Identify candidates who have previously applied to work at your company
  • Pinpoint candidates connected with employees at your company
  • Recognize candidates who are actively engaged with your brand
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  • Custom message templates tailored to different candidate types
  • Bulk messaging that sends up to 25 InMails at once
  • 150 InMails per month for each seat
  • InMail pooling across account seats, so recruiters can allocate InMails as needed   
Each recruiter seat can send up to 150 InMails per month, increasing your outreach - and your chances to make a connection.
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  • Track InMail response rates and performance
  • Identify high-performing templates and messages
  • Compare InMail performance to industry benchmarks
  • Gain a holistic view of your team’s performance
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Illustration of recruiter sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop.
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  • Recipients view subject lines first, then determine whether a message is worth opening
  • Concise, catchy subject lines intrigue candidates and stick with them
  • Mobile audiences — accounting for 57% of LinkedIn traffic — prefer short subject lines
  • Include a quick anecdote that makes you relatable to the candidate
  • Show you know that the candidate’s qualifications and experience are suited to that specific role
  • Use Recruiter to view the candidate’s connections, groups, work background, education, and interests to find common ground
  • View candidate highlights in Recruiter to discover if you share a previous employer, which increases your chances of a response by 27%
Personalized InMails perform 20% better than generic ones written and sent in bulk.


Source: LinkedIn Data, 2021

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  • InMails between 200 and 400 characters are 16% more likely to receive a response 
  • Shorter InMails aren’t guaranteed to overperform, but they do tend to see higher response rates
  • Keep your target audience in mind to better understand how long your InMail should be
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  • Leveraging your network to find mutual connections is proven to increase outreach response rates 
  • The more connections you make as you browse LinkedIn, the more second- and third-degree connections you can uncover to boost your network even more
Candidates are 46% more likely to accept your InMail if they’re already connected to someone at your company.


Source: LinkedIn Data, 2015

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Illustration of recruiter sitting on couch with laptop.
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  • Avoid unnecessary information that doesn’t offer a clear call to action
  • Stay away from embedded links that distract from your message
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  • People unaware of industry-specific terms can be confused and close your message
  • Prospects looking to transition into your industry might not yet know the nuances of it
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  • Center your conversion around a clear, focused agenda 
  • Read your InMail back from the candidate’s perspective before sending in order to spot confusing areas
  • Make the InMail part of an ongoing conversation instead of just redirecting the candidate to an application
  • Don’t make the candidate do heavy lifting (ex: asking them to share their network for referrals)
People who follow your company on LinkedIn are 95% more likely to accept your InMail and 81% more likely to respond to it.


Source: LinkedIn Data, 2015

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  • InMails sent out between Monday and Thursday have increased response rates
  • InMails sent on Saturdays are 16% less likely to get a response compared to those sent during the work week
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