Sample Machine Operator Job Description

Job Description

At [CompanyX], we believe innovation starts with people. That’s why we hire the best and the brightest. We’re currently seeking a machine operator to control the success in developing real-world solutions that impact lives. The ideal candidates is experienced operating heavy machinery, staying true to an efficient, solution-based business model. In this role, you will join our development team. You’ll work hands-on with several business divisions to design, develop, test industry-leading products for our customers—and you’ll know that your work has a real-world impact on their lives.

Objectives of this Role

  • Operate a variety of highly sophisticated packing machines, ensuring the production schedule is met
  • Work as part of a team to load and/or pack products to and from the pouching machines
  • Evaluate systems and processes, identifying improvement needs
  • Oversee and report any discrepancy with supplies such as materials, labels, identification papers, sample boards
  • Meet quality and performance requirement as set by quality assurance and production standards
  • Report safety hazards, quality, and production issues to management immediately

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Arrange machines at the beginning of the work day, to ensure working order
  • Without guidance, test machines before operation to ensure operational quality and and monitor, troubleshoot, and fix machinery breakdowns in an effort to minimize downtimes and promote productivity
  • Input settings such as speed, size and shape into machine before running it, and shut down and purge machines after production run.
  • Keep accurate production records and reports, tracking downtime and production activity
  • Clean up machine parts after every work process to ensure a safe and clutter-free work environment

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • Proven experience working with heavy machinery
  • Strong mechanic testing and implementation capabilities
  • Strong understanding of manufacturing processes
  • Meticulous focus on quality control
  • Ability to handle heavy equipment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Professional certifications
  • 2 years’ experience with platform implementation
  • Strong project and/or team management capabilities