Two people pointing to a laptop screen that is showing a LinkedIn company page.
  • Standing out from the competition
  • Unfamiliar candidate pool
  • High-volume or seasonal hiring
  • Limited recruiter bandwidth
2X increase in response rates from LinkedIn members who’ve engaged with your employer brand
Funnel showing the stages of a candidate’s job-searching journey: Awareness, Engagement, Consideration, Hire.

Career Pages

How to use it:

  • Showcase your company story, diversity, employee testimonials, and photos
  • Customize views to different groups (example: Engineering, Sales)
  • Automatically show recommended jobs and insights to candidates with the Jobs page
LinkedIn Career Pages product shot showing Oustia Mechanics’ information.
LinkedIn Recruitment Ads product shot showing an ad in the LinkedIn feed.

Dynamic Ads

How to use it:

  • Target specific audiences by job title, seniority, skills, school, years of experience, and more with personalized ads
  • Get your ads in front of right people at the right time

Recruitment marketing metrics:

  • Increase application rates and InMail response rates
LinkedIn Pipeline Builder product shot showing Flexis’ targeted page.

Landing Pages

How to use it

  • Capture candidates’ attention with personalized landing pages tailored to your ideal audience
  • Make it easy for candidates to express interest with a one-click “I’m interested” button
  • Build a targeted pipeline of engaged candidates which flows into LinkedIn Recruiter