Sample accounts administrator job description

[Company X] is looking for a skilled accounts administrator to oversee accounts payable and accounts receivable across the entire organization. The accounts administrator will be responsible for reviewing and reconciling all company accounts. They will process payments to our external partners and maintain up-to-date records of all invoices and receipts. The candidate will also provide support to [Company X]’s finance team and will delegate accounting duties to other trained members as necessary.

Objectives of this role

  • Provide support and oversight to [Company X]’s finance team
  • Ensure all accounting documentation is correctly stored and highly visible
  • Analyze transaction records to comply with financial policies and procedures
  • Receive and verify billing and requisitions on any and all goods and services
  • Contact clients to capture timely payments
  • Maintain the authenticity and integrity of [Company X]’s accounting affairs


  • Oversee all outstanding supplier, customer, and third-party vendor obligations
  • Process, send, and store all bank deposits and invoices
  • Prepare and submit tax documentation to the proper legal institutions
  • Remind clients to make timely payments
  • Identify and address discrepancies in all documentation
  • Update all databases and spreadsheets related to accounting

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong understanding of bookkeeping procedures and best practices
  • Impeccable time-management skills
  • Capability to stay organized and maintain detailed records
  • Ability to identify and resolve discrepancies
  • Comprehensive knowledge of tax filing procedures
  • Basic arithmetic competency

Preferred qualifications

  • Significant experience in finance or accounting
  • Proficiency with accounting software such as NetSuite ERP or QuickBooks Online
  • Advanced knowledge of spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in data entry
  • Effective decision-making and problem-solving techniques