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Sample aircraft mechanic job description

[Company X]’s aircraft mechanics help provide a superior flight experience for our customers. We seek a qualified aircraft mechanic to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our fleets. Responsibilities include completing maintenance checks, troubleshooting malfunctions, logging inspections and repairs, and organizing equipment and supplies. The aircraft mechanic will complete tasks within allotted time frames and to the strict safety regulations of the FAA or applicable regulatory body. They must be a problem solver, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable about aircraft systems and parts.

Objectives of this role

  • Ensure the comfort and safety of [Company X]’s passengers through superior aircraft maintenance
  • Maximize [Company X]’s in-flight time through swift diagnosis of mechanical problems and execution of precise, reliable repairs
  • Maintain a professional environment of dedication, learning, and excellence
  • Perform routine maintenance operations with diligence and to the highest industry standards
  • Contribute to workplace safety, organization, and productivity
  • Uphold [Company X]’s reputation as a quality and dependable airline


  • Inspect and repair aircraft according to strict safety guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or applicable regulatory body
  • Oversee routine maintenance checks and perform diagnostic tests to identify hydraulic and mechanical malfunctions
  • Consult maintenance blueprints, manuals, and other documents to assist with troubleshooting and repairs
  • Inventory aircraft parts, supplies, and equipment, and keep detailed records of inspections, repairs, and other maintenance operations
  • Complete tasks within allotted time frames and to FAA (or equivalent) and company standards
  • Collaborate with other mechanics and engineers to perform repairs and ensure aircraft are operating smoothly

Skills and qualifications

  • Analytical mind with a penchant for troubleshooting
  • Excellent math and computer skills
  • Detail-oriented with a passion for mechanics
  • Manual dexterity and physical strength
  • Extensive experience with power and hand tools, and knowledge of aircraft systems, mechanics, and parts
  • Ability to make consistent and precise repairs under pressure

Preferred qualifications

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, for discussing malfunctions and drafting reports
  • Collaborative mindset and experience working on a team
  • Flexibility to travel to different locations
  • Several years of experience as an aircraft mechanic (or similar role)
  • FAA-approved A&P mechanic certification, or equivalent
  • An engineering degree