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Sample airline pilot job description

At [Company X], we connect people around the world. To that end, we are seeking an expert airline pilot to ensure our valued customers get an incredible flight experience. The airline pilot will perform pre-flight checks to ensure optimal safety. They will develop a flight plan accounting for aircraft performance, altitude, fuel, and weather. They must consistently work with flight attendants and copilots to understand passengers’ needs and calm their concerns over the intercom. In doing so, the airline pilot will help [Company X] achieve better flights and happier passengers.

Objectives of this role

  • Offer customers unrivaled flight experiences
  • Create a comfortable work environment to enable smoother, more efficient processes
  • Uphold [Company X]’s reputation as one of the world’s safest air travel companies
  • Ensure stability and integrity of aircraft before and after transit
  • Optimize overall efficiency of [Company X]’s flight strategy
  • Keep flight crew and air traffic controller informed of plane before, during, and after flight


  • Develop flight plans to understand aircraft performance, altitude, and weather conditions
  • Perform pre- and post-flight checks to ensure aircraft meets specifications
  • Choose routes that are safe and efficient
  • Analyze for potential risks throughout the flight
  • Maintain flight records to comply with rules and regulations
  • Ensure cargo weight doesn’t exceed aircraft limits

Skills and qualifications

  • Expert-level flying skills
  • Intuitive time-management skills
  • Excellent problem-solving techniques
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks under a high degree of pressure
  • Clear, confident communication abilities
  • Comfortability with long work hours

Preferred qualifications

  • Ability to mediate and mitigate interpersonal conflicts
  • Knowledge of pre- and post-flight check processes
  • Ability to develop thorough flight plans
  • Adept understanding of in-flight etiquette
  • Business-level fluency in multiple languages
  • Significant leadership experience