You might hire a chief financial officer to:

  • Evaluate the finances associated with a new partnership, joint venture, or acquisition
  • Model and project revenue opportunities in a specified marketplace

  • Analyze internal operations for cost-saving potential

  • Oversee HR payroll and benefits and/or financial IT functions

  • Monitor, track, analyze, and report on the company’s financial performance

Required skills and qualifications Preferred skills and qualifications
Experience in accounting, business, finance, or economics
Degree in accounting, business, finance, or economics
Experience in an executive leadership role
Understanding how to raise capital
Understanding of advanced mathematics, tax planning, and regulatory compliance
Public Accountant certification
Technical competence in accounting, math, analytics, forecasting, economics, and tax law
Soft skills in negotiation and conflict management, relationship building, and adaptability to change
Soft skills in strategy, communication, and leadership